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Personal development

Hi dear friends,
In our season the need for personal development is highly important.
Mainly in the children age, because the most of them have not developed the ability to reacted in difficulties and are checked by any obstacle. At all the study in the school, they live with stresses, with the only target to pass in high school.  What is the solution? How they could escape from the daily routine and at the same time they develop, with amusing way, the critical thought?
The game is the natural world of children. Through the game the children not only have fun but simultaneously communicate, try roles, learn and express their sentiments. 
Researches have showed that the professionals who have abilities such: self-knowledge, self-monitoring, engagement in objectives and the critical thoughts, surpass from other professionals who has more academic qualifications and higher educative level!
However “no one” can teach you how to acquire these faculties…

Do you believe that you know already everything?
Do you thing that everything in your live goes perfect?
Do you have learned to live with your faults and your problems?
Do you have all that you need?

If you answered is yes in all the questions; then you don’t need to improve your life and I would be glad if you shared with us the experiences and your ideas.

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If you want to explode possible problems,
If you want to make the right changes,
If you want to improve your life,
Because you want more victories and more success in your life…
It is enough to spend one hour of the week, for your personal development, in pleasant and amusing background…

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